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José Manuel Barrós

The sandman

I was surprised about Jose’s passion about Sahara and his knowledge of these bleak lands from the first moment.

His adventure abilities like map interpretation, orientation and route improvisation are exceptional.

Quickly I saw that his spirit of adventure and passion for bike trips were the same as mine.

It is a journey committed partner who cares about the safety of the persons accompanying him. Strong, with great resistance and capacity for suffering. ✍

Judith Obaya

Academic background

José Manuel Barrós got his diploma in LIS (Library and Information Sciences) at University of Granada in 1991. In addition, he has the Open Water Diver Instructor SSI certification.

Digital cartography
French, English and Portuguese
On & off road expeditions

Professional experience

  • Climbing and canyoning instructor in Inturjoven Summer Camps (1992)
  • Member of the coordinating crew (recognition and layout design, roadbook establishment and other documentation tasks) of international 4×4 competitions in Morocco and Tunisia: Fifth to Tenth editions of the 1000 Kasbahs raid and First Tunisian Rose (1997-2002)
  • Member of the coordinating crew (recognition, course design and roadbook manufacture) of national 4×4 orientation competitions: Third to Sixth editions of Caravanserai Trophy (1997-1999)
  • Adventure guide for Nomad Club, guiding 4×4 groups across Morocco (1998-2000)
  • Logistic support for horseback riding and dog sledding for Aventura Polar en el Sur S.L., Granada (1999)
  • Journalist (freelancer and for Motoverde Magazine) at ISDE Enduro World Championships in Granada (2000)
  • Assisted GPS Navigation for Adventure Sports course author, for Portal Mundoaventura (2001-2002)
  • Logistic support and activities designer in hot air balloon flights for Glovento South S.L. (2001-2002)
  • Technical reporter and journalist for Mundoaventura (2001-2002)
  • Adventure designer of the raid A Neve en Sierra Nevada, Granada, for 4×4 Rodas Clube de Portugal (2002)
  • 4×4 route designer and guide for the company OcioAventura Granada S.L. (2002)
  • Founding member of the company Auster Outdoor Adventure S.L., specialized in active tourism and adventure trips (2002-2006)
  • Travel guide of Subaru Grand Tour in Morocco, in collaboration with the travel wholesaler Luxotour and Subaru Spain (2014)
  • Le Petit Dakar organizer, for Motorcycle Experiences (2015)
  • Morocco On Road organizer, for Motorcycle Experiences (2015)
  • Le Petit Dakar Lite Edition organizer, for Motorcycle Experiences (2016)
  • Western Sahara Crossing by motorcycle, in full autonomy (2016)
  • More than two hundred expeditions on dirt bike and 4×4 to Morocco (Rif, Rekkam plains, Medium and Hight Atlas, Anti Atlas, pre-Moroccan Sahara from Figuig to Tan Tan, Western Sahara, etc)
  • Extensive knowledge of digital mapping and navigation using electronic supplies


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